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Today's Menu

Photo credit: Scott Mierop - LOCALadk Magazine

  Today's Menu
Friday, April 17, 2015
  Hot. Fresh. Local.
A Paradoxical Pop Up in Lake Placid!- Special tonight only!

We have a separate grill for vegetarians! Look for the green items on the menu.
Vegan? Gluten free? No problem-just ask.
   We are BYOB.
(518-523-9078- tonight's orders only)
Visa and Mastercard welcome.

If you call during dinner service, you may be given a pick-up time that is later than you anticipated. For preferred pick up times, just like with a reservation, calling early is best. I want to take time to prepare your dinner carefully, and we do not rush orders for the sake of a patron's impulse dinner plans. That being said, thank you for choosing Eat 'n Meet Grill and larder. We are your culinary connection to the local farm harvest. - John Vargo Chef/ Proprietor
- Call ahead with your order and preferred pick up time.



What: A Paradoxical Pop Up in Lake Placid!
-A thank you dinner with the Butlers.
When:  Tonight- April 17th 2015 5pm-10pm
Where: Paradox Lodge, Lake Placid
Why: To honor the legacy of Jeannine and Ron Butler as proprietors of Howard Johnson's restaurant
for 58 years in Lake Placid.

Your hosts this evening:
Nan and R
ed LaFountaine - Paradox Lodge
Colleen and John Vargo - Eat 'n Meet Grill and larder

The Butler's will be guests of honor at this very special dinner. Jeannine and Ron will be present throughout the evening to Eat and Meet friends and well wishers as they begin the next great phase of their lives- Retirement!
Come out and wish them w
ell, and enjoy a take- away menu that is inspired by the legacy of Howard Johnson's impact on America's culinary landscape.
Red and John will combine their talents to offer menu items that pay respect to
the Butler's and Howard Johnson's Americana theme.
For take-out orders:
 Call Paradox Lodge (518-523-9078) after 2 pm today to reserve your pick up time.


Soup- Mr. H. Johnson's original pea soup w/ ham hocks                                                               9-
Salad (bar)- Hearty romaine salad w/ home made croutons, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, farmer's cheese and assorted crudites. Topped w/ house made creamy buttermilk dressing.                                          12-

HoJo's  Tendersweet clam strips on buttered and toasted bun w/ tartar sauce and lemon                  10-

Blue Line meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and wild mushroom gravy                         18-

Bone in center cut pork chop w/ cornbread stuffing, Brussels sprouts, baked apple and
thyme scented pan juices                                                                                                       20-

Free range 1/2 roasted chicken w/ mashed Tucker 'taters, Brussels sprouts and pan gravy                 18-

Alaskan wild salmon w/ potato crust and lemon curd                                                                    19-

Turkey pot pie w/ puff pastry crust                                                                                           17-

Vegetable pot pie w/ fresh asparagus                                                                                             16-

Nan's famous apple crisp topped w/ vanilla ice cream                                                                    8-

Belgian Chocolate mousse w/ shortbread cookie                                                                             7-

We would like to thank the Butler's for their service to this community, and hope that this special event shows how much you have meant to us and that we hope your retirement is long and full of joy and happiness!
- The LaFountaine's and T
he Vargo's.

Sample daily menu- Not todays menu!
(See menu above for todays special menu)

Curried lentil  cup/ 4-     pint/7-  qt./ 12-  

Spinach salad w/ warm bacon- balsamic dressing  6- / 10-                        
House made Ceasar salad w/ polenta croutons and marinated white anchovies  6-  /10-

Sides                   single / family

                                                         Brussels sprouts                           4-/10-                                      
                                                      Poutine                              6-/11-                  
   hush puppies                              2-/7-
macaroni and cheese                        5-/ 12-  
        cole slaw                                  1-/4-
plantain dumplings                         2-/ 7-
         rice 'n peas
                                                  sweet potato fries                         5-/12-
       mashed potatoes                       3-/8-
    fresh cut onion rings                     4-/10-
      fresh cut fries                               3-/8-
          Potato pancakes w/ sour cream           5-/ 12-             

Jamaican Beef patty 4-
Smoked corned beef brisket on German rye:

NYC Deli style w/mustard 13-/ large 16- /
Reuben style w/kraut, Swiss and Russian  14- / large 17-
Smoked corned beef brisket on a crusty roll w/ Texas bbq sauce! 13-

Brussels sprouts Reuben 10-
Veggie burger Reuben 10-
Smoked salmon Reuben 15-
Fish and chips served on crusty roll w/ tartar sauce 12-
Meatloaf sandwich on crusty roll w/ cheddar and chili sauce 10-
Falafel on pita w/ gyros toppings 12-   add feta 1.50

Silver Tin Special:   12-
Potato gnocchi tossed w/ spinach, roasted garlic cream and pecorino Romano


Spring rolls w/ mushroom, arugula, pea shoots and potato. Served w/ avocado- wasabi cream 13-
Our famous chicken and dumplings
Pork liver and onions served w/ mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts 14-
Cornmeal crusted catfish fillet w/sweet potato fries and slaw
Alaskan wild salmon fillet w/ garlic mashed potatoes and sweet tomato - caper glaze 17-
Blue line meatloaf w/ mashers , veggies and gravy  15-
Potato and onion tacos w/ queso blanco, salsa and sour cream 13-
Alaskan pollack fish tacos w/ corn tortillas, fresh salsa and sour cream


  Coffee flan 

Don't forget we also sell fish and meat!

What's that great radio station we always play at Eat'n Meet? CKUA - independent  just like us!

Blue----line----burgertm menu:

Burgers:                                                          Size____________$$__

 Blue Linetm. beef burger                                     4 oz. / 8 oz.       8- /13-
Breakfast Burger- w/ fried egg, bacon and cheddar   4 oz.                11-
House made veggie burger                                    6 oz.                9-
Wild Alaskan salmon burger                                   4 oz.               n/a
Shady Hill Farm lamb burger                                  4 oz.               n/a
Harmony Hills Farmstead pork burger                         4 oz.               10- 
Glaziers w/ sauerkraut                                                               3-
Home made Glaziers corn dog                                                     3-


Our burgers are served with complimentary garnish of lettuce, sliced onion, seasonal tomatoes and pickles.

Swiss                1.25  
                                    mushroom           2-
Sharp cheddar 1.25   Glaziers bacon        2-  
grilled peppers    1.50  
Feta                  1.50                                            sauteed onion     1.50   


Cool pick-up catering at Eat 'n Meet Grill and larder:
Hot Boxes!

Eat 'n Meet accepts returns of our aluminum tins for recycling.

Please rinse them out, and bring 'em back-thanks.

Locals: If you need food and can not pay, please come in anyway.

Thanks for helping local causes during our eat for a good cause fund raisers!

Hey vegetarians! Green items on the menu are for you! 
We have two grills- one for meats and fish, and one for vegetables.

We are happy to accommodate urban mess kits as an alternative to disposables. Please present containers or plates when ordering.