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The Plan:

In Japan, there is a mountainous region called Kobe. From this region comes the undisputed
finest beef in the world.
The Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association is a
cooperative of regional farmers with a herd of 3000 cattle. These few cattle generate roughly
150 million dollars per year for the cooperative. Which translates into nearly 1 billion dollars of
regional economic impact. BLUE LINE BEEF (tm.) could have a similar impact on our region-
The North Country of New York State. This plan could help struggling dairy and meat farms
get a leg up on their operations, instead of having to rely on subsidies and regulated pricing.
We are proposing that our region has the talent and discipline to develop a scientific breed of
cattle that surpasses the quality coming from Kobe Japan. If we are successful, our region
can become world famous as the home of BLUE LINE BEEF (tm.) which will not only increase
agricultural opportunities for our young people, but also increase tourism and service employ
-ment opportunities for local residents. If you feel that you would be interested to help us
succeed, please contact us, and we will build a brighter future together.




Our Cooperative seeks the successful Identification of:




Farm partners who are interested in working with our breeder
to raise very special cattle:




BLUE LINE BEEF (tm.) is currently identifying partners who will be able to handle at least two
cattle. Study cattle must be kept in a separate space from other cattle in order to prevent
accidental fertilization by non study animals. BLUE LINE BEEF (tm.) will provide specifications
for the care and feeding of study animals. Adherence to these specifications will be vital to
the success of the breeding program and for inclusion in our cooperative.


If you have an active farm or you have land and would like to consider BLUE LINE BEEF (tm.)
as a potential use for it, please contact us to arrange a visit.




Standardized specifications that farm partners can follow to
achieve optimal product quality:


BLUE LINE BEEF (tm.) will be very special cows. In order to achieve the highest quality
product in the world, that can command incredibly high return on investment, we will insist
that our farm partners follow strict specifications in the care of our animals. We would like
to identify animal husbandry experts to help us write these specs. If you are interested in
being involved with the creation and care for this transformative breed and have the
credentials, please contact us.




Processing and distribution partners to facilitate brand

BLUE LINE BEEF (tm) cattle will require specialized cutting and processing the beef for market.
Our abattoir must be willing to work with John -who happens to be a master butcher, to devel
-op the cutting specifications for the beef. We will focus on cuts and packaging that bring the
highest market price from chefs and specialty markets. Much of the prime cuts will be
delivered fresh via Fed-Ex or
our truck to Montreal, Boston, and New York City for world wide
distribution. If the idea of being the sole abattoir for BLUE LINE BEEF (tm.) is of interest to
you, please contact us.




Breeder(s) who are innovative in their field:


We are interested in speaking with breeding experts who wish to be involved in creating the
most sought after beef in the world! If the idea of being involved in helping create a regional
industry that will raise brand awareness of the Adirondacks, and lift up a lot of people through
good middle class jobs, then you can have a place on our development team. Please contact
us if you want to help make a difference.




High profile culinary partners to champion the brand worldwide:


This is John's area of expertise. As we develop the breed, John will reach out to the culinary
market, to obtain feedback, and to champion the product on high profile menus. Just picture
John carrying a briefcase full of steaks on an airplane, traveling the world to promote the
best beef to the best chefs. That's the kind of story that food bloggers and writers “eat up”.
Soon, the BLUE LINE BEEF (tm.) brand will gain notoriety as the best beef in the world!




If you are interested in furthering this idea, please contact John Vargo:



phone- 518-891-3149




John Vargo


Blue Line Beef


PO Box 712


Saranac Lake NY 12983



All correspondence is confidential.

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